Setup inflatable instruction for your inflatable games

Aug 22, 2018   

Firstly, location is important to protect your inflatable games like inflatable tents, Inflatable Bouncers, Inflatable Obstacle Courses,etc, so here are some tips: Setup Location: (1)Setup can be on grass, cement, asphalt, concrete, hardwood, carpet or tile floors. Do not setup on rocks, sand, or other sharp object surfaces. (2)There must be a two feet safety clearance all around the inflatable ga...

Here comes the 3 in 1 thrilling new inflatable football+golf+dart board game!

Aug 14, 2017   

Sports is everywhere. Sport is a good topic among friends, colleagues, especially a good start for strangers. After work or school, nothing is better to go out to kick a football to the goal with your team, to play golf on the grass, or just shoot some darts in a bar. Well, there is no doubt that you have heard of football, golf and dart game, but what if when you want to play football, golf and d...

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